Travail Canyon is a dungeon in the special adventure, Team Starters, at your Command! It has 50 floors and at the end, there is a boss with an Onix, and 5 Golems pretending to be rocks. After the dungeon, the pokemons can be recruited and added to the map. The theme is that it looks like Mt. Thunder Peak.

Travail Canyon

The part of the dungeon (note: I did the artwork)


Floors: 50

Traps: Yes

Mid: No


Grumpig 1-50

Exploud 30-47

Kecleon: 1-40

Aggron: 45-50

Pidgey: 1-30

Pidgeotto: 1-30

Pidgeot: 30-50

Electrode: 1-30


Lucario: 30-50

Riolu: 1-30

Bibarel: 1-33

Steelix: 40-50

Rhydon: 1-30

Onix (Boss) 50

Golem (5; Boss) 50