Grand Desert is a dungeon that contains on the 1st part, 20 floors, the 2nd part, 30 floors, and on the 3rd part, 30 floors. In The Return of Team Go-Getters! the boss is 4 Gabites, and 1 Garchomp. In Darkrai Leads the Way! the boss is Groudon. The theme is on the 1st part, looks like Shimmering Desert. On the second part, it looks like Northern Desert. On the last part, it looks like Northern Desert, but the yellow colors are red


Floors: 1st part: 20 2nd part: 30 3rd part 30

Traps: Yes

Mid:Yes; 3



Aron 1-20

Carnivine 10-20

Cacturne 19

Camerupt 19

Venusaur 1-20

Victreebell 1-30


Venusaur: 1-30

Victreebell 1-30

Aggron 20-30

Lairon 20-30

Rhydon 1-20

Numel 1-30


Drapion 1-30

Skorupi 20-30

Grumpig 1-20

Victreebell 25-30

Rhydon 1-20


Gabite (x4) 30

Garchomp 30

Deep Summit:

Groudon 30